Last Night (Don’t Read if You’re Squimish)

About 4:00 AM this morning, I was sound asleep in my warm cozy bed.  Noah had wiggled his way over to me and we were snuggled together just like one might imagine in a nursery rhyme.  It was so sweet until I started to hear this horrible noise coming from him.   He was gagging and at first, I thought he was choking on something and so I sat straight up in bed and put him in my lap.  I was set to do the Heimlich and had my finger ready to sweep his mouth when he let it go.  I caught a handful and we rushed to the bathroom where he continued to throw up in the toilet. Jill asked, do you need some help as to which I replied, “No, I’ve got it.”

When we got cleaned up and back into bed, I said to Jill, “Wow, one more step accomplished in being a Dad. I just caught vomit in my hand and I didn’t throw up!”  I said this with a source of pride welling up inside of me.  I could have only done that for someone whom I love as much as my own child and I really can’t come up for anyone else.

Then I thought of our Heavenly Father.  I thought about all the nasty, vile, hurtful, stuff that we as humanity do and how God keeps on loving us.  Never backing away but offering us grace, love and hope.  Even going so far as to send His Son to die, taking our punishment so that we might have life.  What a great and wonderful gift.

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