Connectional Giving: World Service Fund

The World Service Fund is the heart of our denomination-wide ministriy, underwriting Christian mission and ministry around the world.  This fund strenghtenes our evangelism efforts, stimulates church growth, expands Bible studies and enriches spiritual commitment. By giving to the World Service Fund we help God’s children everywhere shape the lives of tomorrow’s leaders and proclaim our Christian faith.

The World Service Fund truly demonstrates the Mission of the United Methodist Church by:

  • Supporting specific local church work with children, youth, students, persons who are mentally and physically challenged, adults and older persons;
  • Providing leadership and coordination for denominational ministry with youth;
  • Continuing nearly 200 years of commitment to quality college and graduate education;
  • Certifying United Methodist professional Christian educators, communicators and musicians;
  • Assuring United Methodists speak and work to help encourage a more ethical, just and human world;
  • Continuing a proud tradition of cooperation and dialogue with other faith traditions through interdenominational and ecumenical work;
  • Giving our denomination a presence in the mass media and making new communications technologies accessible to the church.

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