Why Lock-ins

Last night our youth had their first lock-in during my tenure as pastor of Union.  I was amazed that there were well over 30 youth’s attending.  It was quite a site to behold.  It was not long ago as we were at our last church that I vowed to give up doing lock-ins.  It was a New Years event and I’m just getting to the point that I enjoy my sleep way too much. However, events such as these have such great attractability to young people.  Here is my thinking on Lock-in’s:

  1. Events such as these truly connect the youth to one another.  They get to know each other better and the stronger their relationships are the stronger their group grows, thus the stronger their faith journey.
  2. It is a perfect connect point for those who don’t attend our church to come.  It can be kinda awkward for youth to invite their friends to church but an even such as a LOCK-IN/5th quarter/etc is a different story. It is easy to invite them to something “fun.”  Last night I did recognize a great many people at the church, praise God.
  3. It is a great opportunity to share the Gospel.  Last night, we had a young person accept Christ for the first time.  What else needs to be said.
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