Influenced by: Lynn and Beverly Bullock

Beverly, Lynn and my "sister" Melanie. Around 1987

Lynn and Beverly played a huge role in my life as they did with many of us who had the blessing of growing up near them.  They could never have children of their own and so all the neighborhood kids became their children.  They were always there offering advice, and helping my single mom with an ADHD boy.  But what sticks out in my mind the most was the love that they have for each other.  In my eyes, theirs is a true love story and I had the “perfect” role models to show me how to love you’re spouse.  To this day, I cannot recall ever having seen them have a fight/disagreement/or a cross word.  As a matter of fact, if you ask Beverly if they would like to have dinner tonight, her response would be, “Let me talk to Lynn about it.”  and Lynn’s response would be the same “Let me talk to Beverly about it.”

Here are some of the things that Lynn and Beverly taught me about love:

  1. Communication is vital in a successful relationship.  They are always talking to one another.  They want to make sure they have a like mind on everything before it becomes “public”.
  2. They love being around each other.  A relationship works so much better when you’re friends with each other.  In my eyes, Beverly is Lynn’s best friend and Lynn is Beverly’s best friend.
  3. I once asked Lynn what the secret to their successful marriage was and he told me, “Beverly has Cystic Fibrosis and we don’t know how much time she has, so we want to use all of that time productively for our marriage.  Why would we give away an hour being mad at each other?”  Shouldn’t we all approach our marriage’s with the same attitude because in reality, we don’t know how much time any of us are given.
  4. Selflessness toward themselves.  It seems that all their energy goes into making the others life more enjoyable, fun, and comfortable. Isn’t that how it’s supposed to work?

Lynn and Beverly, you both are my heros and I want to thank you for the wonderful example you have given me and others.  I love you.

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