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Stewardship Article by Ron Schultz

The line was long as people moved toward the altar to leave an offering.
Some put in large , impressive amounts of money. One poor widow stepped forward and gave two small copper coins.  Jesus declared to His followers that the two copper coins from the poor Widow was more than anyone else had given.

Wait a minute! How can two small cooper coins be counted as more than the other offerings? Wouldn’t a check for $500 be counted as more than two copper coins in your offering plate?

Jesus says everyone gave out of their abundance that day except the poor Widow. Everyone gave from a heart that said, “out of all that is  mine I will give this to You God.”  Everyone except the poor Widow. She gave from a heart that said,”all that I have belongs to You God. Take what is Yours and I trust You will take care of me.”

Stewardship is the act of managing faithfully things that belong to someone else. Followers of Jesus believe that everything belongs to God.  When it comes to money, it too belongs to God. We have simply been chosen as stewards to manage varied amounts.

Each week,  many of you wonderful followers of Jesus at Union, the Church at Chelsea Park, demonstrate faithful stewardship. Your faithfulness makes ministry happen in your community and around the world through our system of apportioned connectional giving! I continue to be amazed by your stewardship efforts and the way God takes care of you.

“Lord Jesus, thank you for taking care of us. Thank you for trusting us to manage things that belong to You. Give us the faith to always put in Your two cents worth. Amen.”

This article was written by Ron Schultz.  Ron is the District Superintendent of the South Central District in the North Alabama Conference of the United Methodist Church.  Ron graduated from Emory University, Candler School of Theology in 1983 and received his Juris Doctorate from Birmingham School of Law in 1994.  Ron is married to Robin Schultz and has 4 children.

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This weekend, I found about 75 dollars worth of gift cards that Jill and I were given for Christmas. So, I went to Sam’s to start perparing for the twins.  I am a planner (remember i had the planned out schedule for every day and hour of my honeymoon.)  So, I like to stock up on supplies that we know we are going to need after the time the babies get her and diapers are so expensive that I think it is a good thing to go ahead and stock up on them and not have to worry about that for six months or so. AND now with twins, we’re going to go through twice the amount that Noah did.  I also have a great plan in that I tape the receipt to them so I can take the ones that we outgrow back to the store.

So, I got to Sam’s yesterday and picked up the different sizes of diapers and some J and J body wash and a case of wipes. Got up to the checkout and they do not accept American Express gift cards.  So, here I am with a shopping cart of baby supplies and knowing that it’s over fifty dollars (which is the amount that Jill and I have agreed not to spend with out consulting the other).  So, I break the rule and go ahead and buy them.  We’re going to need them and I really didn’t want to take them all the way back to the store.  BUT my goal was to spend all the gift cards on baby stuff and so I went to Target and got 3 BIG bags of newborn diapers!!

I thought Jill may be made because I broke the rule but she wasn’t.  So, if you have any diapers laying around your house, the Hill family is collecting.  

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