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5 Biggest Changes In My Life

Everything in life is about change.  It’s a fact.  If there is life, there is change however, that does not make us like change any better.  I have found that anytime there is some sort of change in my life, it’s carries with it nervousness, anxiety,  hesitation, a un-sureness about the future and wondering if this is the right move.  Even when I know it is the best change possible, I always have those feelings.

  1.  Leaving for college: I moved from Pearl, MS and over 300 miles from home.  The furthest I had ever spent the night from home was on a mission trip and that was only for 1 week.  I would be moving to another state and it scared me to death.  I knew Samford was the college for me and I wanted to go, but wow was this a big change.  I’ve lived in Alabama now for 20 years.  1 year longer than I’d lived in Mississippi.
  2. Going into the ministry:  This was a huge LIFE CHANGE for me.  It was this time that I truly realized my brokenness.  I asked questions like, “How am I going to do this?”  “How can I preach a new sermon every week?”  It was also at this time I began to realize that I couldn’t and this would probably be the first thing in my life that I was not able to accomplish by my own resources…I had to rely on God.
  3. Moving to Decatur for my first appointment:  Accepting the call to preach meant that I would now be itinerant and where I lived and work would not be my choice but that of the Bishop and the Cabinet. Pastor Move Day of 2002, I moved to Decatur leaving behind my first home that I bought, my friends, my job, my financial security and my church. It was hard and scary and at the same time exciting and the feeling that I was finally doing what I was supposed to do.
  4. Getting Married:  I had never met a person like my wife.  Excluding my relationship with Christ, she is the best thing that has ever happen to me.  On the morning of the best day of my life, I was scared and my anxiety was at an all time high.  I was going from being single with my biggest responsiblity was my black lab Reagan and now I was not only a husband but a father.  Life was no longer just about me.  Been the second best decision I’ve ever made.
  5. Having another baby:  Jill and I were getting really close to the age where her doctor said it became more dangerous for her to get pregnant.  We were under time constraints.  Could we afford to have another child?  No.  We will have 2 in college at the same time (didn’t know it was going to be 3).  A lot of prayer and thought but we finally decided to move forward and it has been an awesome privilege to be Graden and Sophie’s dad.

Change is inevitable in life, make the best decisions you can and realized that even before the best changes, there is fear and anxiety.

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