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Focusing our Efforts

Derek Jeter

Image by Keith Allison via Flickr

Over the last several months, the leadership at Union has been asking the following question:  “What do we do well?”  This is a very important question as we are making the next steps in our growth.  But what exactly does this mean?  It means”

  • We are going to determine what we do well.  What is it we are good at?
  • We do we not do well? What are we not good at?
  • We’re going to stop doing the things we don’t do well and
  • We’re going to focus our energy, time, money, efforts, resources on what we already do well and try to take these to the next level of good.

John Maxwell says “Don’t focus on the things your not good at!  Why, because you aren’t any good at them.”

Derrick Jeter is one of the best hitters all time in baseball.  Guess what?  Jeter doesn’t spend any time in the bullpen working on his pitching.  Why?  It’s not what he is good at.  He could spend hours and hours trying to be a good pitcher but never achieve even “good” major league pitching status.  If he were to spend all that time trying to become a pitcher, it would take it’s toll on what he is really good at…hitting.

So many churches today are trying to become good at what they are not good at and they are doing it while sacrificing the ministries they do well.  Instead, churches should be focusing on the ministries they are already good at and taking them to the next level.

Maxwell suggest that we have been taught the following:  Someone who gets an A in math and a C in English should study English more.  Maxwell instead teaches that the student should concentrate and become better in math.  That person has a “Math Mind.”

I’ve also been told if on a scale of 1-10, a person will never be able to increase their skill more than three points.  So, if you are a 6 skill level, you can reach a 9.  However, if you are a 3 skill level in an area, you will never increase more than a 6.

What does all this mean for churches?

  • It could mean cutting out ministries that have been going on for years, but are not productive and are being sustained because we have been doing them for years.
  • It means finding out what your strengths are and weaknesses are.  (these by the way, can be very difficult answers to face.)
  • Taking a look at the churches talents and using them to their fullest potential.
  • It will mean growth.  Both spiritually and physically.
  • It will mean less division because the churches will know what their vision.  (Where there is no VISION, there will be DIVISION)
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