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(Change) Leadership Rule 5


This leadership rule is applicable in all areas of life, not just leaders but in business, churches, schools, and people.  Can you imagine a business still using the same technology and ways that they did business in the 1940′s?  What if the United States Military still operated and used the same tools (planes, tanks, jeeps, weapons, and battle armor) that they used in WWII?  When I was in high school, there were no computers nor computer classes.  Can you imagine what an injustice it would be to our children today if schools still used typewriters and not computers to train our children?

People also change.  Each and everyday something in our world happens and causes our lives to change.  Sometimes it’s a very small change and other times it is a big change all at once. Most of the time we don’t like change and I want to explore some of those reasons in a minute, but change is a real part of our daily lives for without change there is death.  Nothing lives without experiencing change.

As Christians, the Bible states that we live a “new life.” (Romans 6:4 We were therefore buried with him through baptism into death in order that, just as Christ was raised from the dead through the glory of the Father, we too may live a new life.)  A new life involves change from our old life.  We should have the expectation, as Christians, that we are growing to be more like Christ.  This takes change.  Wesley called it Sanctification (which is a big word for becoming more like Christ).  Too many people believe that being a Christian means you sit on a pew for an hour a week and listen to a sermon.  By taking that approach, people are missing out on so much that Christ has to offer.

So why do we dislike change so much?

1.  Change Can Hurt: My 15 year old had a growth spurt a couple of years ago and she complained about pain in her legs.  When we asked her doctor about it, he said that she was experiencing growing pains.  Her bones were lengthening and during her growth spurts it was common for some pain to be involved.  This is often the case with life.  With change there is often a loss associated with the change and losses in our life hurt.  The loss of a loved one, a job, a way of life, and a host of other things will all bring about change and hurt. Yet, this times of hurt can be an incredible growing time in our faith and lives.

2.  Change is Different:  We get used to our lives and comfortable in them.  We like to know what to expect and with change we don’t know what is around the next corner.  In familiariaty of life there is comfort and security and change will disrupt that.

3.  Change is Scary: We like to think that we are the masters of our universe.  We like to be in control and change can remove that control from our lives.  Being out of control is a very scary place to be.

4.  Change Happens: Regardless of whether we desire change or not, it happens and very few things stay the same.  Things that stay the same will quickly lose their relevancy and the only exception that I have ever found to this is the Word of God.

5.  Change is Necessary: We lose our effectiveness without change.  A leader who does not grow in their field of expertise will quickly found themselves outdated and ineffective.

As leaders, we never outgrow the need for change.  We should lead with the expectation that we don’t know it all and therefore must always be striving to improve ourselves.  As Christians we should have the heart-burning desire for our lives to become more like the life of our Master, Jesus.  It’s a process and one that does not happen over night but one which happens over time.

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CWP: Ritchie

It was my first year as a counsleor.  As a matter of fact, it was the first camp that I had ever been a counselor and I was scared to death.  We had done the training and gone through different scenarios of what I might do if _______ happened.  But there is nothing that will take the place of experience.  It was an elementary camp and so we had spent a great deal of time on homesickness and how to deal with it.  I was pretty sure that I could handle it because I was the king of being homesick as a child.

Monday came and so did the kids.  Ritchie was a young man going into the 3rd grade with the brightest red hair I have ever seen. My first tip-off that I was going to have a homesickness problem with Ritchie was when his mom came in and made his bed, set up all his stuff and was kissing him while he sat on her lap.  As her tail lights faded from view, the tears came.  “I wanna go home.”  Ritchie, your mom just left, we don’t have a way to get in touch (the days before cell phones).  We’re about to go to lunch, let’s eat and then we’re going swimming!!  Ritchie stood in the pool crying.  We eventually had to call Ritchie’s mom to come get him.

The next year,  I was sitting on the porch with Bro. Ted Giordano and here comes Ritchie.  He was a little taller but still had the same blazing red hair.  He bounded up the stairs and announced, “Brother Ted and John, Do you remember what happened to me last year?”  Ted and I played along and pretended not to remember.  “No Ritchie, I’m not sure I do.”  “You remember, that homesickness I had.”  “Well, I do seem to remember something about that.”  Ritchie said, “Well, you don’t have to worry about that this year!”  Why is that?  “Because I’m a changed MAN!” Richie proudly boasted.  He stayed the whole week.

As we accept the grace and love of Christ, we become changed men and women.  Each day our goal is to become more and more like Christ and that involves being changed from who we are now into the person God desires for us to be. Often times, the word change scares us and change is something that most of us don’t like because there is an unknown factor that goes along with change.  Where ever we are now (be it bad or good) we at least know what to expect.  But with change, we often times don’t have a clue as to what to expect and that fear can hold us back from experiencing some really cool things.

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