Top 5 Guitarist

  1. Edward Van Halen
  2. James Burton
  3. Stevie Ray Vaughn
  4. Billy Gibbons
  5. Eric Clapton
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Camp Video w/Jill!!

Cross at the Mountain Chapel

Here is a link to a video talking about Camp and my wife Jill has a role in this.  It’s worth the time!


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Scholarship Honoring Rev. Matt Miller

Memphis Theological Seminary

This is a letter I just received from the President of Memphis Theological Seminary regarding the creation of a scholarship in Matt Millers honor.  A fitting tribute for a man who touched so many lives.

Alumni & Friends,

Tiffany McClung, Debra Matthews, Leo Chang, Whitney Brown, and I rode together yesterday to Birmingham for Matt Miller’s funeral service. When we got there, we joined a large MTS contingent of students and alums, and current Trustee Tom Bell, to fill about three and a half long pews. I was honored to be able to represent the MTS community, and told Matt’s parents and brothers that there were many more who wished they could be there and who were praying for the family in their loss. The service was a true celebration of Matt’s life and faith, and was filled with humor, as Matt would have wanted.

Tiffany is working with the Student Senate to plan a memorial service here on February 10th during our regular chapel time. Some of our alumni have already begun working toward an endowed scholarship in Matt’s name to benefit students from the North Alabama Conference. The endowment should be ready by the time of the memorial service, and if you would like to make a contribution, you will have an opportunity to do so at that time.

Please continue to remember Matt, his parents, and his four brothers in your prayers. His presence here will be deeply missed. We are working on plans to award Matt his degree posthumously in May at graduation.

Post tenebras lux,


Memphis Theological Seminary

168 East Parkway South

Memphis, TN  38104-4395

MTS General: 901-458-8232

Direct Line: 901-334-5805

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A letter to Noah

Dear Noah,

The more you grow, the more we see different traits from us. I know it
probably doesn’t work like this but I wanted to give you some ideas of what
traits would do you well…

I hope you get your mom’s compassion and your dad’s passion.
I hope you get your mom’s beauty and your dad’s soft heart.
I Hope you get your mom’s free spirit and your dad’s organization.
I hope you get your mom’s tender heart and your dad’s strong sense of
I hope you get your mom’s love and your dad’s luck in choosing a beautiful
lady to be his wife.

I love you,

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Dada Weswe

The other night as I was trying to get Noah to sleep, he kept raising his
head and looking at me. I would say in my low daddy tone, “Noah, put your
head down.” and he would put it down. This went on about 5 times and I
finally said, “Noah Wesley!” He looked at me and said, “Dada Weswe.” I had
to go over and pick him up. He got rocked to sleep that night.

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Day 2 of 2010

Our family slept late and then I got up and built a fire. We are slow to
get moving and I am enjoying some great programs on NatGeoTV. However, I’m
about to get dressed and go to the church. Not going to let the New Year
catch me sleeping.

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Photo of the Day

Taken the day before we got married at the Sheraton in Birmingham. You
don’t have to tell me, I already know that I am way out of my league.

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2009 In Review

I’ve been working on my goals for 2010 and reviewing the year 2009. What
has been accomplished and happened in life over the past year. This is what
I’ve come up with:

1. Noah’s first birthday.
2. Discovered we are having a baby.
3. Find out we are having twins
4. We found out that they are a boy and a girl.
5. Ruptured a disk in my neck and had to have a plate and screws inserted
into my neck.
6. My Uncle George died.
7. Rented a building for the Bridge
8. Moved out of the building into a new building.
9. Moved into a new house.
10. Jill and I directed Senior High Camp.
11. Jill, Cathy and I began a new camp called Alpha.
12. Became a chaplain for the Huntsville PD, FD and Madison County
Sheriff’s Department
13. Jill and I bought a pop-up camper
14. Went on a cruise for our vacation (Took the Holiday to Mexico)
15. Began teaching Erica how to drive.
16. Completed my BOOM Paperwork for Ordination Interviews.
17. Hired a children’s director for The Bridge
18. Heard Noah say Christmas Tree.
19. Ministered to a person whose wife had just committed suicide.
20. The Bridge now has a wonderful place to call home.

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Hurt My Back

I’ve hurt my back. Yesterday, Jill wrote this up for me because I’m on some
pretty powerful meds. Just please keep me in your prayers.

> Hey guys, It is Jill.  Please be in prayer for John.  Last week he went to
> the urologist with what he thought was a kidney stone…he does have a
> kidney stone, still haven’t passed it, but his pain is so severe the
> urologist believes something else is causing the pain.
> This afternoon after lunch John was relaxing on he sofa watching the Saints
> and Bucs game and he went to stand up from the sofa and fell on the ground.
> He tried to stand up and couldn’t.  His right leg kept buckling under him..
> We managed to get him to the car and to hospital… he was in such pain we
> probably only had to wait about 30 minutes to see a doctor…Unbelievable I
> know…
> With it being Christmas weekend they could not do an MRI but gave him some
> really good shots (morphine, steroids, muscle relaxer) and sent us home.  We
> have to call in the morning to schedule his MRI and call his neurologist to
> get in to see him within 3 days.  The ER doc seems to think a disk has
> ruptured and is putting pressure on the sciatic nerve.  He believes the pain
> has been from the disk bulging for the past few weeks, and it is now either
> ruptured or has pinched that nerve.  We will not know for sure until they
> take a look inside with the MRI
> John says please pray hard…he can’t stand up or sit up…let alone
> walk…he is stuck in bed until we find out what is going on.  Pray for the
> whole family too…John literally can not stand up and we are having to help
> him up and down to go to the bathroom or sit up to eat and drink.  It is
> going to be a trying time!
> Much Love,
> Jill

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Day after Christmas

Big kids are home and Noah is so happy. We’re waiting on Jill’s parents to
arrive and then we’re hoping for a slow day. It’s been the best Christmas I
can remember.

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Photo’s of the Day

Christmas morning 2009. Noah got a new car and then he helped daddy build
our Christmas fire. I’ve never had a better Christmas.

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Enlarged Photo of the Day

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Photo of the Day

Here is a photo from our recent ribbon cutting for the new location of the
Bridge. It was a great day with a very nice crowd which showed up to
celebrate with us. It was also pretty cool to have Mayor Tommy Battle (He’s
a United Methodist) there supporting us.

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Photo of the Day

First photo taken of me and Jill. No one knew we were dating and I had
traveled to Sumatanga to preach for the service at her camp. I was and
still am so in love with this beautiful girl.

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Photo of the Day

One of my mentors, friends, my boss and someone who has prayed for me and my
family since the day I met him. My District Superintendent Rev. Tom Bell.

I was slated to move to Huntsville on a Tuesday and the prior Friday, my mom
was critically injured in a horrific car accident. Tom called and checked
on me everyday. A District Superintendent is more than a boss, they are the
pastors pastor and Tom has certainly been that for me. I will never be able
to thank him enough.

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I felt the baby boy move for the first time this week and then last night I
finally got to feel the baby girl. I get so excited and at times so scared
at the thought of having twins. I wonder how in the world Jill and I are
going to be parents of 5 children!! It sounds like a family of Biblical
proportions and it’s pretty scary. But as with all things, “Where the Lord
guides, He will provide.” I tend to lose track of that sometimes, but
something always jerks me back to reality.

We’ve come close to the names that we might use. Cooper Graden for the boy
and Sophie Grace for the girl.

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Top 5 TV Shows

1. Dog The Bounty Hunter
2. SurvivorMan
3. Pawn Stars
4. Stephen Segal “Lawman”
5. Country Fired Videos

Just in case you were wondering.

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Photo of the Day

I took this photo several years ago and I love how the clouds are behind the
monument. I have never been so cold.

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Letter 73

Dear Noah,

Last Sunday, your mom and I launched The Bridge. It’s a new church that didn’t exist a year and a half ago. We started it in our home and it has grown to the point that we have begun weekly services. Someday when you can read, I want you to go to Matthew 15 and read the story of Peter walking on water. It’s one of my favorites.

I want you to always know that God has an adventure planed for your life. There are a couple of things that you need to remember. 1. It’s usually something that you don’t feel qualified to do. I have felt so inadequate in almost every point of this process and what ever God calls you to do, you will probably feel the same way. 2 The adventure that God calls you to will have risk involved. You will need to remind me of this when I don’t want you to do something big because I have calculated the risk and making my decision based on my love for you. And 3. When you do those things that are not possible for us to do without God, it’s the biggest thrill of your life.

Last Friday night we set up at the school for worship. It was hard work but more than that was my insecurities about what might happen on Sunday. This had been my dream/vision for the last 10 years. Everything I had done on a professional level this was always in the back of my mind. I have dreamt about this night, prayed for this night and imagined what it was going to be like. It was like a rock star about to step out on the stage in Madison Square Garden for the first time or like an astronaut getting ready to go into space. (Well maybe not those extremes but it was big). After everyone had left, I’m standing up front getting used to the lights and pacing the worship area to get a feel for it, I look and there are you and your mom. Sitting midway back, watching me. That was one of the greatest feelings in the world. I’m taking this leap, risking a whole bunch, not knowing what is going to happen but the one thing I know for sure is that your mom loves me and we go together where ever that may be.

I love you,

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Letter 72

Dear Noah,

I know it’s been a while since I have written you a letter, but I am going to try and do much better. I haven’t been too good at this since you have been born as I would rather just hold you in my arms and whisper it in your ear. Tonight was one of those nights. You got really grumpy around 7:00PM and we try to keep you awake until 8:30 but you were not having any of that. So, we went ahead and made your baba. You took about 3 sips and were down for the count. I held you for a while in the living room but your brother and sister were making all kinds of noise, so you and I went back to my room. I sat in the recliner and held you in my arms. You laid your head on my chest and your little arms were wrapped around my neck. I held you, kissed your head, and patted your back for about 2 and a half hours.

Mom came in the room and said (in a loving way), “You’re going to spoil him.” I replied, “I hope so.” You have been the most incredible thing that has ever happened to me. I no longer look at the world with quite the selfish eyes that I used to. I am no longer the most important person in my universe. You, your mom, and your brother and sister are. I thank you for being my son.

I love you,

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