I never thought that I would be in this quandry. Who do I cheer for in the Playoff game between the Vikings and Saints.  I have strong emotional ties to each one.  Let me explain:

I have been a Saints fan all my life.  Growing up just three hours from New Orleans, I was able to go to my fair share of games during my youth.  This was back in the day when it was no big deal to get a ticket (most times you could get them for free).  I remember 1 game actually sitting in my own section with only the Popcorn/Hurricane vendor and my group of friends.  I was one of the people who wore a bag on my head with ‘AINTS written across it.  I’ve been there.

I was also there at the Buc’s game in 1987 in which a win guaranteed the Saints their first playoff birth.  The won and Canal street was one big parking lot.  You would have thought they won the Superbowl.  We were next to an old El Camino (Car/truck) with the roof cut off and a sofa in the back. It had been spray painted black and in big gold letters were “Go Saint’s Go” written down the side of it.  When traffic would stop, half of the car’s occupants would get on the hood and the others on the sofa and start hopping with the wheels of the car coming off the ground.  Amazing.

Then there is Mississippi born and raised Brett Farve who is 40 years old. I watch him play and poke my wife saying,”Look at him, I could still be playing.”  She agrees, but I think she is just humoring me.  I’ve always like Farve just for the way he plays the game like it’s in his backyard.  He enjoys it.

So with mixed emotions, I will watch this game.  Realizing that no matter who wins, I will cheer for them in the Superbowl.

Geaux Saints/Go Brett!

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