The Twins are 4 Today!! How Times Flies

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Can’t Believe How Fast They’re Growing

I can’t believe how fast my children are growing.


  • Is now a senior in high school.  Seems like yesterday she was cutting her own hair and playing in the mud.
  • She is taller than I am.
  • Going on dates
  • Has a Job
  • Responsible


  • Getting taller
  • Voice is getting deeper
  • His boyish looks are changing into being manly
  • Drives my truck around the church


  • Putting logical thoughts together
  • Using more and more words
  • His ability to reason, (when he wants to)
  • Independence (I can do it)
  • No lock, latch, nor gate that can hold him.  He could escape Alcatraz!!
  • Shy
  • Loves Octonaughts
  • Can make Jackson so mad
  • Always wants to “drive” my truck


  • Using more and more words
  • She carries on conversations
  • Tells you what she wants
  • Get’s upset when you don’t do it.
  • Always calls out DaaGee when I open the door
  • Loves to take a bath
  • Will show you the finger she has DaaGee wrapped around


  • Independent
  • Talking more but not as much as Sophie
  • Loves his Mimi
  • Shorter than Sophie
  • Looks so much like his daddy at that age.
  • Beginning to sing along with radio.  Favorite song, “Mean” by Taylor Swift
  • Refuses to go to bed until he is ready to drop
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15 Things I Love About Being a Dad

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It’s 2:15 in the morning and I am posting a blog because Graden (18 months) refuses to go to sleep.  Lay him down and he screams so loud that I am convinced he is trying to wake up the other 5 people who live in this house.  So, I’m sitting here watching Barney, thinking about a cup of coffee (and would I be able to sleep once G dozes off), and thinking about how much I love being a Dad.  Let me share with you some reasons why:

  1. The screaming of Dada, Daddy, and ajodinelnse (That’s what G says) from my kids when I walk through the door after a long day of work.
  2. The way they hold onto you when they are sick.
  3. The belly laugh when you are tickling them.
  4. Their favorite place to sleep is on top of you.
  5. The privilege of teaching them the things they will need to know in life.
  6. Bath Time
  7. Nap Time
  8. Their little dances when a good song comes on.
  9. Sitting in my lap drinking their bottle.
  10. Falling asleep on my chest
  11. Hearing, “I love you”
  12. Holding my hand as we go on adventures
  13. Watching them bond together
  14. Seeing them worried about their sibling when their sick
  15. The joy on their face when they learn something new.
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Jill had a photo session last night .  Here is what we came up with:

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Photo’s w/Sophie and Graden

All these photos were taken by our daughter Erica who was there for the entire birth process.  I’m so proud of her as she has become quite the photographer and even under the pressure of babies being born, she still took some great shots.

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The Chair

Me and Noah enjoying "The Chair"

When I moved to Latham I didn’t realize that there would be a piece of furniture that would have such a dramatic affect on my life and become such a piece that I bought it from the church when I was appointed to another church.  The chair is not that special in what looks like or how it’s made.  It’s a Laz-e-boy recliner which is light brown with dark brown.   accents.  However, this chair has been a place of relaxation, prayer, thinking, and contemplation.

The chair was a place that I would relax upon coming home from seminary and study for the test of the week.  It was the place I would sit during long phone conversations with Jill as we were courting.  It was the place where i would sit and pray for my mom after her car accident.

When Noah came home for the first time, it served a very special place in the household as it was the chair that I would hold him and rock him to sleep.  It still is used for that purpose.

Tonight was a special moment in the life of the chair as I rocked both the twins in the chair tonight.  It is a great feeling of rocking them to sleep and memories continue to be built that contain the chair.  It’s funny how attached to a simple piece of furniture I have become, yet I guess it’s not as much the piece itself but the memories that it holds and have been built around it.

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My Prayer

Thank you God for two beautiful babies.  Thank you for all their fingers and toes and thank you for their smiles (even though I think it is brought on by gas).  Thank you God for the way Graden opens one eye to make sure Dad is still holding him and thank you for the way Sophie holds onto my finger.   Thank you for the privilege of raising them and loving them.  Jill and I will do our best to be the parents you have called us to be.

Thank you God for a wonderful partner in Jill.  She is strong where I am weak and loves me so much.  She is the best mom in the world and I thank you for bringing her into my life.

Thank you God for the most beautiful step-children in the world.  They are the best big brother and sister that I could have ever hoped for and they love the twins and Noah without reservation.  I thank you for that.  I ask that you bless them in ways that boggles their imagination and also that you bless them with this feeling that I have right now.  The feeling of becoming a parent. (Just not too soon).

Thank you God for Noah.  I thank you for his love, his trust, his innocence, and his love of life. I thank you for the way he wraps his arms around my legs to give me a hug and holds onto my finger when we are walking.  I thank you for the way he curls up in my arms when he is tired and the way he smiles at me when the door to the van slides open and he sees me.

Lord, you have blessed me and my family in so many ways and we give you all the glory.  May we never forget where these blessings come from.  Amen

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Here We Go

As a child, I could never sleep on Christmas Eve and this is just like waiting on Christmas morn.  Erica is sleeping on the sofa in our room so that when we get up at 5:00 all she has to do is get in bed with Noah.  I’m so excited and nervous.  Tomorrow is the big day and by this time tomorrow night, we’ll have two new members of our family.  The Hill family circus will be complete.

Keep us in your prayers.

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Hospital Trip

Wow, what an intense couple of day’s it has been!  Yesterday, Jill had a Dr.’s appointment and he sent her straight to the hospital.  She was having contractions and the doctor wanted them stopped.  So, off we go to Huntsville Hospital and Jill gets hooked up to all the monitors.  They tried a two shots at first but it made her heart rate zoom up and so they then started another drug and actually let us go home.  When we got home, she continued to have contractions and we called the doctor back.  After waiting for 30 minutes and 3 more contractions, he sent us back to the hospital.

They once again monitored the contractions and tried to get them to stop with little progress.  However, in the middle of the night, they started to decrease and it looks like we’re going to be able to go home today if she maintains this level of inactivity.  We have to stay until at least noon.

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Jill’s Ultrasound

We went for an ultrasound today and got to see the babies.  They are both about 3 pounds and are doing very well.  We took all the kids, Jill’s mom and dad, and the Godmother for this appointment.  It was an exciting time for all and it looks like we will be having an ultrasound every week from now on.  Please keep Jill and the babies in your prayers that they stay in longer.  They’ve still got some cooking to do and we don’t want them to come before they are ready.  I’ll be posting a photo of Sophie later and some of the video, so stay tuned.

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Hospital Run

This afternoon as I was watching qualifying for Daytona, Jill entered the room and said, “I’ve just gotten off the phone with the doctor and he wants me to go to the hospital.”  After that, a mad dash to get dressed, call my 2:00 appointment to make other arrangements and then get a babysitter.  Then I put the driving skills that I had learned watching Daytona qualifying into use as I drove to the hospital.

It truly is amazing how fast you can get a room when you have someone who is pregnant with twins.  No waiting!!  They hooked her up to so many wires and monitors.  It was amazing.  After much checking it was determined to give her a shot to stop the contractions and then send her home.  I was glad because I was not ready to meet Graden and Sophie today.  Let’s wait a couple of weeks.

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Felt Graden Move

Last night was pretty special. It was the first time that Graden kicked Daddy.  Graden seems to be facing out and Sophie must be going toward the inside.  So, all of Graden’s kicks and movements are seen and felt.  Tonight was the first time that I really felt him move and it was the most incredible feeling.  I had forgotten what it was like to feel a baby move and this was truly special.

Sophie doesn’t move very much in the day, but she certainly makes up for it at night.  It seems she tries her best to keep her mom up all night.  It’s kinda funny how right now, mom can’t sleep and I’m snoozing away YET, when they are born, I will probably be the one up with her most nights.  I hope she likes Dirty Jobs.

Being a dad this time is full of emotions that I don’t know really how to describe.  When it was Noah, I was scared, nervous and excited all at the same time. There is a great deal of each of those going on just not for the same reasons.  It’s not going to be boring, I can assure you of that and we just rely on God to give us what we need to survive.  I now that we be enough and we put it in His hands.

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Diapers for the Twins

Noah and I had a “Man’s night out” tonight and went to Sam’s.  We got a case of diapers and wipes for the new babies.  Mom went out to eat with Aunt Tammy and did some Christmas shopping.  It was quite fun.

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