Add Growth or To Multiply?

Leaders who develop followers grow their organization only one person at a time but the leaders who develop leaders multiply their growth.  The reason is for every leader they develop, they also receive all of that leaders followers.  Add 10 followers and you have the power of 10 people.  Add 10 leaders and you have the power of ten leaders times all the followers and leaders they influence.

Paul was the master of explosive growth.  His strategy is as effective today as it was 2000 years ago.  What did Paul do?

1.  Attracted and Equipped People

No longer can we depend on the things we’ve always been doing to keep attracting people.  Today’s person (men, women and youth) have different interest, struggles, and positions in life.  To attract them, we must engage their interest, struggles and positions in life.  If we don’t, we will never have the opportunity to share the Gospel with them.

We must also equip people to do Kingdom ministry.  This can take many forms.  How would you go about equipping someone in your group to be tomorrows leader?

2.  Found and Mentored Emerging Leaders

Union’s future leaders are in our church today.  It’s part of our job as current leaders to find them and prepare them for when we hand off our positions of leadership to them.  Too often this has been done without any mentoring and it has often been met with diastorous result. We must be intentional about mentoring our next leaders.

3.  Created New Organizations

Paul didn’t hoard the leaders he developed.  He sent them out to multiply.  What does this look like in at Union?  Developing new small groups.  I’m so excited that we now have 3 womens groups meeting: The UMW circle that meets on Thursdays, The LNO Group meeting at the Mexican Resturant for our 20′s-40′s age group, and the Healing Hearts group.  The men are meeting in huddles now,  a Bible study, and the monthly men’s breakfast.  All these groups encompass different people.  We can no longer have the idea that we can make a group where one size fits all.

Have you ever wondered why in Chelsea we have a McDonalds, Burger King, What a Burger and they are now building a Wendy’s?  After all, they all serve hamburgers?  Because people have different tastes.  Same is true for small groups within the church.  Same gospel just prepared differently for people with different taste.

4.  Engaged in the On-Going Development of Leaders

We can never stop developing our leaders.  We must begin a culture of expectation that leaders are continually growing and developing.  What does this mean?  Having classes, workshops, retreats and seminars specifically purposed in giving our leaders tools and resources they need to succeed.
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