Camp: Why This is My 49th Week!

Next week will be the 49th week of church camp that I have worked.  Some as a counselor, some as director of recreation and some as director.  I’ve done everything that can be done at a church camp from cleaning out a sewage lagoon, to laying water line, to mopping floors, washing dishes, praying with people, giving out meds, leading games and leading worship.  You can probably add every other job you can think of that goes along with a church camp including plunging toilets.  All I have ever done has helped me to grow into the Christian that I am today.  It helped form my walk and place me on the path with Christ.  It is refreshing and rejuvenating.

All the above is a good reason to work camp but those are not the real reason I keep going back.  The real reason is the campers and the opportunity to share the love and grace of Christ with young people.  This is often the time in their life when they are truly trying to figure out their faith and it’s a time when as a pastor I can share with them the peace, love and forgiveness that I have found.  It’s been an awesome ride and I’ve seen God do some truly remarkable things at camp.

Next week, I go to serve once again.  Doing whatever it takes to make sure the campers have an incredible time.  Often I have made people upset with me because I require the staff to place the campers first but then again, isn’t that the reason we are there?

Pray for us next week, but most importantly pray for the spiritual experience of the campers.  I want them to have fun but most of all I want them to leave being a step closer in their relationship with God.

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