Lady Tried to Steal a 40 inch Flat Screen

Jill and I made our weekly trip to Target last night and as we were walking out by the customer service desk, I noticed a lady leaving with a 40 inch flat screen tv.  She had it in a buggy and was not acting suspicious.  I even thought to myself, “that lady is going to enjoy watching that set.”  Then the lady behind the counter came out with a puzzled look on her face and before we knew it, a Target employee was running to the parking lot. He grabbed the shopping cart from the lady who ran and got in her van and sped off.  He wrote down the tag number and it was all over.

This blew my mind.  Walking into a store, getting a shopping cart, loading up a 40 inch flat screen and walking out like nobodies business.  I was just flabbergasted at her nerve. Not only that she was so bold, she almost got away with it and if the tv was not so large she probably would have been able to get it into the van faster and run.  Wow, what is the world coming to. No matter what it’s coming to, where has it arrived at.

There is a part of me that feels sorry for the woman. To be in a position where you boldly steal like she did, but I would probably have more understanding and compassion if it was not a 40 inch flat but a buggy full of groceries.  Not that it would make it any better (stealing is stealing and a sin is a sin) but I might have understood it more.

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